Hi, my name is Piper. I am so full of energy and high spirits that sometimes people think my name is “Hyper”. My mom adopted me from a breeder here in Tallahassee when I was only six weeks old. I only weighed two and a half pounds. I was so small that Mom couldn’t take me on a walk because I could only make it for a short distance. But now, I have lots of energy! I have a sister, Honey Girl, who is also a Miniature Dachshund. She is four months younger that me and I helped my Mom pick her out.

About Piper: My full name is Piper Laurie of Seven Oaks. I am a female, Miniature Dachshund. My birthday is August 3, 2005. I also have additional training in Canine Scentwork and am registered with the National Association of Canine Scentwork.


This is my Mom, Bobbie Jo. We love to meet new people, and I’m looking forward to seeing you soon so you can throw me a ball for me to get and I will bring it back to you (or at least I always bring it back to my mom). Love, Piper

Team Activities: Mom and I like to visit with children, adults and girls ages 10 – 16. We visit at hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and courts. At any given time I have lots of brothers and sisters because my mom helps with Dachshund Rescue and we foster Dachshunds until they find their furever homes.