Hi, my name is Rikki. I am small for a Golden Retriever. My home near New Orleans was destroyed during Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. I was only three months old and very scared. Then I got a new home with my daddy and mommy, and I’m no longer scared. My favorite trick is to sit nicely and wait for a carrot treat. I love baby carrots! I love to be petted and really like having my ears scratched; they are soooo soft!

About Rikki: My full name is Rikki Lake Ponchartrain. I am a female, Golden Retriever. Since I was rescued after Hurricane Katrina, no one knows my real birthday, however, I know I was born in 2005 and celebrate my birthday every year with my daddy and mommy on July 1.

This is my daddy, Chuck. I love to go on visits with my daddy and comfort and cuddle with children and their friends. We visit hospitals and help kids in the courts. I even make visits with my mommy to schools to help kids read. If I visit you, maybe you can brush me and rub my belly; I really like that. I will always listen to you, and love playing with you, especially if you feed me a carrot! Love, Rikki

Team Activities: Daddy and I like to visit with children, adults and seniors. We visit at hospitals, courts, schools, hospice, assisted living and rehabilitation centers.