Hi, my name is Daisy. I have a calm personality and love to have children pet and scratch me. I also love to follow bugs and ants along the grass and watch squirrels from a window. I have a special blanket with my pictures on it that you wrap around me. Although I live with two of my siblings, I prefer getting all the attention.

About Daisy: My name is Daisy. I’m a female, Labrador Retriever. My birthday is April 2, 2011. When my family came to pick me out, they had nine puppies to choose from, in all colors. So they choose one of each: a yellow (me), a black and a chocolate lab!

This is my Mom, Patty. Mom says I have a calm and tender personality and she knew right from the beginning that I would be a perfect candidate for a therapy dog. I sit sweetly and listen as people tell my mom about their wonderful dogs and she shares information about the TMH animal therapy program.  I hope to spend time with you. Love, Daisy

Team Activities: Mom and I like to visit with children, adults and seniors. We visit at hospitals, courts, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers and we even go to schools and help children learn to read.