Hello, my name is Margo! My first job was service dog in-training in Michigan, but they decided that I would be better at a therapy dog job because I love all kinds of people and places. Now I am a therapy dog! If you are curious about how I got to change jobs, you can ask my human, Stephanie!

Lots of people think I am still a puppy because I am so small, but I think that is just part of something that makes me so great! Another cool thing about me is that can run really fast. I have a little brother Brody who is also a therapy dog. Even though he is bigger than me I am still faster than him! When we run around the yard together, he can never catch me.

About Margo:  My name is Margo.  I am a female, Labrador Retriever.  I am small for my breed.  My birthday is  June 25, 2015. 

This is my human mom, Stephanie. She takes me all kinds of places to visit with both big and little people. She also makes sure I am clean and healthy to come visit everyone. If you want to know how much she loves animals, just ask her how many brothers and sisters I have at home! We look forward to seeing you around.

Team Activities:  Mom and I love to meet with children, adults and seniors. We visit at hospitals, courts, assisted living facilities, rehabilitation centers, hospice center and we even go to schools and help children learn to read.