Hey, I’m Brody!  My first job was service-dog in training in Michigan. Because I love people so much, I moved to Florida to be a therapy dog instead.  If you are

 curious about how I got to change jobs, you can ask my handler, Aunt Heather.

A special talent that I have is that I can drool… a lot!!  I even know a trick to wipe my face because of all the drool I can make, especially when I get treats.  You can ask my human to show you when you meet us.  Something else cool about me is that I have 6 other brothers and sisters who I love to play with, especially my big sister Margo.

About Brody:  My name is Brody.  I am a male, Black Lab / Golden  Retriever Mix. You can see my Black Lab half in my shiny, short black coat of fur, and you can see the Golden in my giant head and droopy face My birthday is November 12, 2015.


This is my human handler, Heather. She is actually my Aunt Heather, because I don’t live with her but she helps take care of me. Heather takes me all kinds ofplaces to visit with both big and little people. She also makes sure I am clean and healthy to come visit everyone. She has taught me many tricks like touch, push, and rest. I’d love to show you sometime! We look forward to seeing you around!

Love, Brody

Team Activities: Aunt Heather and I like to visit with children, adults and seniors.  We visit at hospitals, courts, assisted living & rehabilitation centers and at schools helping children learn to read.